Laughing Sun Brewing Company coming to Bismarck!

copper clad 3.5 barrel brewhouse

The brewhouse in it’s Seattle location.

Laughing Sun Brewing Company has been three years in the making.  A 3.5 bbl system was purchased from a BJs Pub in Seattle, WA, October, 2009.  It’s been in the garage ever since.  That’s all about to change!  Laughing Sun Brewing Company has secured a location, and officially filed with the city of Bismarck for a Class O license.  The process will take some time, May 8th is the first city commission meeting, followed by a two-week comment period, and another meeting on May 22nd.  Then comes federal and state licensing, construction, inspections, and more.

We are going to document the process, and give our fans and community a chance to see behind the scenes as the pub gets going.  Let’s hope the ride is smooth…. Cheers mates!